Mayyas From Beirut to America’s Got Talent, Will They Win?

A great interaction buzzed over Lebanese group Mayyas’ latest America’s Got Talent performance.

And now, Mayyas are only one step away from winning the title, the results are due today on Wednesday.

The Mayyas hashtag topped the first trend on Twitter in Lebanon and the hashtag Lebanon and AGT, amid a wide interaction from the audience and stars on the group’s remarkable show.


Returning to the group’s show, Nadim Cherfan spoke to the Lebanese LBC channel accompanying the band in the United States, saying, “There is no specific message behind the band’s show, but it wanted to convey the idea that the fashion designer always ends his show with something related to weddings, and this is what I like to do.” , adding, “I loved to introduce oriental culture to it and engraved Alhamdulillah.”

Regarding his comment on the jury’s words, “We were shocked by the comments we received from the jury, especially when Simon Cowell said that Mayyas is bigger than the show.”

Nadim added that the band is here for the sake of Lebanon, “We are your honor, Lebanon, and our hero is fighting for our name, but for the name of our country, and we saw this matter in the faces of the Lebanese world that we saw.”

Sofia Vergara tweeted, ”That was INCREDIBLE!!!! @mayyasofficial  I have never seen anything so beautiful #AGT”

In a second tweet, she shared a picture of the band from the show, commenting on it ”perfection.”

Sofia also added: ”ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS!! @mayyasofficial  I am SO proud of you!!!!! This was a Vegas act #AGT make sure you vote!!!”

In the Arab world, Mayas band is still receiving support from Arab stars and the public on Twitter, and Nicole Saba was among those stars who expressed their support for the band.

Nicole wrote: ”Go #mayyas gooooooo u rock #AmericasGotTalent #AGT #lebanon”

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