Mansour Rahbani: Legacy Revived

Family of the great Lebanese artist, Mansour Rahbani, celebrated the anniversary of his passing (13 January 2009) by releasing the first photo archive of all his theater and lyrical works of his career.
The brothers Marwan, Ghadi and Osama chose to commemorate their father Mansour in a special way by launching an official channel on YouTube that includes hundreds of his artworks from the mid-eighties until his departure 13 years ago, including the most prominent plays and lyrical works, accompanied by a series of important TV interviews in his career .

The illustrated channel contains a complete archive of Mansour’s restored heritage, with a restored and modified version of his old works, starting in 1986, including prose and poetic writings, and complete theatrical works, coordinated in a new suit according to the latest audio and video technologies, in addition to his books and episodes, and his collection of songs.

"Manour, Assi and Elias Rahbani"
Manour, Assi and Elias Rahbani


Full television, in which Mansour recited a selection of great poetry, and special clips that appear for the first time from the scenes of the preparation of his plays, in addition to the musicals that were performed and some of their clips that were filmed in Arab countries and festivals in Lebanon, and were not shown in their entirety; such as the plays of “The New Summer of 840 in Lebanon” and the Byblos Festivals in 2009, and “The Last Days of Socrates” at the Opera House in Cairo and the United Arab Emirates in 1999.

In addition to the play “Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Mutanabbi,” which was performed at the festivals of Baalbek, Damascus, Forum de Beirut and Jordan in 2002, and the masterpiece “Kings of the Sects” in its new version, which was performed in Qatar in 2010 and at the Tannourine festival in 2016, it also includes the play “The Ruling of the Shepherds” performed at the Beit Eddin Festival and the Forum de Beirut and Qatar in 2004 and 2005, the play “Zenobia” at the Byblos Festival and the Forum de Beirut in 2007, and finally radio and television interviews and interviews with him by senior journalists.


Mansour Rahbani  was born on 17 March 1925. He was a great  Lebanese composer, musician, poet, philosopher, thinker and producer, known as one of the Rahbani brothers, and the brother-in-law of the singer Fairuz. He and his brother Assi created a new history of Lebanese music that defined Lebanon’s heritage and cultural identity of the past century globally.
"Mansour Rahbani and Fairuz"
Mansour Rahbani and Fairuz

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