Man stabbed to death in Dubai grocery store, one person arrested

Police arrested a man after one person was stabbed to death in a grocery store in Dubai on Friday.

A witness saw the man enter the store with another person at around 2 pm in the al-Murar area of Deira, according to Dubai Police.

He then stabbed the man in the back several times before threatening to attack passersby.

Patrolling police officers noticed a crowd gathered around the store and saw a man waving two knives in the air.

Corporal Abdullah al-Hosani and policeman Abdullah Noor al-Din arrested the man and detained him.

His victim was treated by paramedics but did not survive his injuries.

Both men were of Arab origin. Police have not disclosed their nationalities or identities.

The two police officers involved in the arrest were honored by the commander-in-chief of Dubai Police Abdullah Khalifa al-Marri at a ceremony.

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