Man Catches Wife Cheating on Him After Seeing Her Naked Video on Social Media

Man Catches Wife Cheating on Him After Seeing Her Naked Video on Social Media

A husband has caught his wife cheating on him with their mutual friend after finding a naked video of her taking a shower on social media.

The risqué footage was posted by the woman’s alleged lover, who is also the couple’s colleague, according to police.

The suspected lover shared the explicit content on his account as an act of revenge after she hid her marital status from him, an officer said.

The husband, known as Xiao Xia, was informed about the X-rated clip of his spouse last Saturday after a friend had seen it on WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging app, reported Hangzhou TV.

Xia, who lives in the city of Hangzhou, found the 15-second clip on the friend’s account.

The footage shows his wife, known as Xiao Qin, looking into the camera while showering alone.

Xia and Qin are colleagues and the post was uploaded by one of their friends, known as Xiao Li, who are also their co-worker.

It was accompanied by a post which read ‘checking water temperatures’.

Xia was so furious he went to the police right away.

Upon investigating, officers at the city’s Banshan Police Station discovered that Li had shared the video to seek revenge on Qin.

Chen Xinming, a policeman in charge of the case, told Hangzhou TV that Xia, Qin and Li come from the same town and work for the same transport company.

The three of them are said to be around 40 years old.

He said that Qin had been dating Xia and Li simultaneously before deciding to marry Xia last year.

But Qin continued to maintain a sexual relationship with Li for a period of time, without telling him that she and Xia had got married.

Lovestruck with Qin, Li divorced his wife in hope of marrying her, only to find out that she had already tied the knot with Xia.

He then posted the clip in retaliation.

Officer Chen said the video was filmed by Qin two years ago and had been sent to Li by Qin.

Li confessed to the police that he had sent intimidating messages to Qin to condemn her behaviour before making the footage public.

Fearing that her affair would be exposed, Qin, who was heavily pregnant, became so nervous she went into premature labour, the report said.

Li was detained by police for 10 days for violating other people’s privacy, according to officer Chen.

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