Man Becomes Famous After Sharing Tons of Photos With Adorable Dogs

A delivery driver has shared adorable snaps of the dogs he meets on his rounds. 

c, 32, from New Orleans, Louisiana, makes his job as a UPS driver more entertaining by taking pics with the pooches.

Every Friday he shares a new snap on his Instagram account where he has nearly 100,000 followers.

He told the Bored Panda: ‘I don’t think there are any challenges when it comes to taking pictures with dogs, but that’s just because most of my photos are taken with puppies, so it’s really hard to get into any kind of trouble with them.

‘It’s actually rather easy to take photos with them!’

Although he did recall that one puppy peed on him after he was trying to hold a small puppy who ‘got a little bit scared’.

He has been posting the pictures on his Instagram for more than three years, having started the idea after picking up a dog for fun to take a photo.

The photo received around 100 likes on Instagram, despite Jason not expecting to receive any attention from it.

He said: ‘My motive to keep going became even stronger recently, given the days we are living in right now.

‘I feel like what I’m doing means a lot to me because these photos brings a lot of joy to many people in these dark times.’

Jason has met a range of different breeds, sharing photos of chihuahuas, basset hounds, cocker spaniels, corgis and labradors.

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