Mahira Abdel Aziz Announces Shatha Hassoun’s Engagement

Emirati media anchor Mahira Abdel Aziz has revealed the readiness of her friend, Iraqi artist Shatha Hassoun, to marry soon, without revealing any other details about the groom or the wedding date.

In the details, Mahira Abdel Aziz has celebrated her 34th birthday with her close friends, including Shatha Hassoun, and during an interview with “ET Bil Arabi”, Mahira Abdel Aziz blew up a surprise about the approaching marriage of Shatha Hassoun.

Abdelaziz said about her relationship with the Iraqi artist: “I have a strong friendship with Shatha Hassoun, and we are neighbors. Today we celebrate my birthday, and soon we will celebrate Shatha Hassoun’s marriage.”

No details were revealed, but the news spread widely on social media, and the Iraqi artist’s audience celebrated it, wishing her happiness, asking their star to reveal more details.

But Shatha did not clarify or deny the details of this surprise, especially since it is not the first time that news of her marriage has spread.

On the other hand, followers questioned the news of the engagement, and some said that it was Hassoun’s way of responding to Rahma Riad’s fans, who accused her of being jealous of Rahma, after the latter’s engagement to American model and actor of Iraqi origin, Alexander Uloom.

Separately, a few days ago, Shatha was accused of using a bad word during a live broadcast to describe Rahma Riad’s voice, which was firmly denied by Hassoun.

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