Madison Beer Marks One Year of Being Clean of Self-Harm

Madison Beer Marks One Year of Being Clean of Self-Harm

The 21-year-old singer – who has borderline personality disorder (BPD) – took to her Instagram Stories to share how “proud” she is to have reached the milestone by sharing a note on her calendar to remind herself it’s been 12 months since she last harmed herself.

She wrote: “As of today … I am officially one year clean of self harm.

“I never thought I’d be able to say this & I am so proud of myself.

“It has been an uphill battle, so whether might b one day, one week, on month, or one year clean – I’m so proud of you. (sic)”

The ‘Baby’ singer also shared a picture of some flowers she received to celebrate the anniversary.

The floral gift came with a note that reads: “A year today. Proud of everything you do but this one’s especially important to me. You being heer means so much to me. Can’t even put it into words. On your side always LB.

Through everything. No matter what. (sic)”

Madison described her friend who sent the flowers as her “guardian angel and a light in the dark”.

She wrote: “Don’t even have the words to describe how grateful I am for this one. @lenafultz you have been my guardian angel and a light in the dark. I am so so lucky to have found you…thank you for always heating me, seeing me, and loving me, exaclty how I am. (sic)”

Madison – who was discovered by Justin Bieber when she was just 13 – also opened up about her battle with self-harm and suicidal feelings and how she “hid her pain from the world”.

And the ‘Hurts Like Hell’ singer urged anyone who is struggling to reach out to their friends.

She added: “I’d also like to add…no one around me rlly knew I was struggling when I was.

“I hid not only my self harm, nut my pain from the world. Please please please do not ignore the signs if you think someone you know might be struggling. Reach out to your friends. U truly never know what ges on behind close doors.

“If you are struggling at all, please please know it does get better and you are so valid and worthy of love and I believe in you. (sic)”

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