Looking to the stars, Hong Kong fortune-tellers see only clouds

As Hong Kong prepares for more uncertain times and residents rang in the Year of the Rat, people have turned to fortune-tellers.

During the four-day holiday weekend, many headed to the temples to find out what the year ahead augured.

One of the most popular sites to do so is the Che Kung Temple in suburban Hong Kong, founded in the late 19th century. It was built in tribute to General Che of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), who fled south with the child-king to avoid the invading Mongols. There you can find all types of fortune-telling.

On Monday, the representatives of the indigenous villages paid their traditional respects at the temple and tried to foretell Hong Kong’s fortunes by shaking a tube filled with bamboo sticks until one fell out.

Each stick portends the person’s luck and corresponds to an ancient oracle.

After the village representative shook the tube, the No 79 fortune stick fell to the ground, which indicates middling luck. The corresponding oracle read: “Fairness rules heaven and earth. No one escapes the sight of the Almighty.”

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