Lizzo Wants to Co-Star Alongside Chris Evans in The Bodyguard Remake

Warner Bros is reportedly planning a remake of the 1992 film “The Bodyguard”

The Bodyguard is a romance-drama film starring Kevin Costner and musical legend Whitney Houston.

And Lizzo revealed that she wouldn’t mind starring alongside actor Chris Evans in the forthcoming remake.

Lizzo used the “What are we talking about” audio from TikTok to share tweets about the movie.

She later shared a tweet that suggests her and Evans should co-star in the 1992 film, and captioned “What y’all think?”

The singer whose real name is Melissa Jefferson and Chris Evans have been back and forth with their online flirting since earlier this year when Lizzo admitted she’d drunkenly DM’d Evans on Twitter.

The ‘Captain America’ actor responded “no shame in a drunk DM” and clearly referencing his own accidental social media mishaps.

Lizzo later joked about carrying the actor’s baby.

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