Libyan Artist Draws Top Portraits Using Hands and Feet

He draws with his hands and feet at the same time. He is an accomplished artist. and everyone is talking about his art. Websites like Al Jazeera English published a video of him and his feat. But how does he do it?

Ahmed Mahmoud is from Libya. He pushes the limits of his multitasking by simultaneously using his hands and feet to create images of well-known football players like Mohamed Salah and Lionel Messi.

“I started drawing when I was a little kid. There were cartoons and animations that I used to watch and I was attracted by their design, so I was trying to copy those drawings so I can play a game called Yogi Yo (animation fiction). This was my start,” Mahmoud says.

Ahmed Mahmoud

He has dedicated his life to the arts and paints on what he can get his hands on to. He paints murals on walls and wants to create avant-garde styles that will push the limits of what the art world is used to.

He is known as “Amedo”, a name that is becoming big on the social media platforms as he creates not one, not two, but six portraits at once. How many can do that?

His name is trending on the social media as an art sensation because he is drawing portraits separately and using his feet and his hands together. Amedo has expanded his portfolio while drawing portraits of different actors and actresses.

The Libyan artist sketched four portraits on the first attempt, including those of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, a video he uploaded on the net earlier this year. Amedo writes in the caption, “I decided to steal a day of stress in order to manage a new thing. Work of full day in 40 seconds. Hope you like it.”

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