Liam Payne Says Fatherhood Finally Turned Him Into a Man

Liam Payne Says Fatherhood Finally Turned Him Into a Man

The One Direction star, 26, said he’s ‘constantly inspired’ by the tot to try and become a better person as he spoke about his little boy during the Diana Awards.

Liam added that he and ex Cheryl, 37, have also spoken about their hopes for their son’s future, and would love to see little Bear grow up to ‘help the world out.’

As reported by The Mirror, Liam made the candid revelations about his son while speaking to a young award winner during Wednesday’s ceremony.

When asked what motivates him, he said: ‘I think, for me, on a daily basis my three-year-old son constantly inspires me.

‘The thing in that is that it inspires you to do better.’

Liam added that after his son was born in 2017, he ‘finally started to become a man,’ and he’s already discussed his son’s future with ex Cheryl.

The singer has spoken openly about being unable to visit his son in the early weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown, due to concerns he may have contracted the virus while touring abroad, and even missed little Bear’s third birthday.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, Liam also spoke to Madihah Nehar, 13, to congratulate her on receiving the accolade.

Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales , the awards are the highest accolade a young person can get for social action or humanitarian efforts

Liam told a delighted Madihah, who picked up the awards for campaigning for children’s rights: ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you and I want to say congratulations on your Diana Award.

‘I mean, how amazing is that? Would you like to just tell everybody who’s watching some of the amazing things that you have done for children’s rights?’

Madihah said: ‘I’m getting my award for campaigning for children’s rights and this includes the right to a voice, the right to an education and the right to environment.

‘I do this by doing assemblies and going to other schools to make it clear to everyone that this is right and this is what children deserve..

Liam then interjected to speak about what an honour it must be to win an award with Princess Diana’s name attached to it.

He said: ‘That is amazing, that’s so cool. What does it mean for you to get an award in her memory?’

Madihah replied: ‘She was an inspiration to so many people so it’s an honour for me to get an award in her memory.

‘She used her publicity from being a member of the royal family to make good in the world.’

To which Liam responded: ‘I think she was a really beautiful person, I think she was the kind of person that made everybody feel really at ease.

‘She always had that look in her eye that things were always going to get better.’

Liam added: ‘The way young people like Madihah are getting involved in their communities, making change and empowering others is amazing, it just shows us how great the world can be.

‘I wish I would have had that urge to do what these change-makers are doing so I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate them and spread The Diana Award’s message that young people do have the power to change the world, as far as I can.’

This afternoon’s virtual ceremony will see an array of celebrities honouring the young change-makers via surprise video presentations.

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