Lesbian Couple Fatally Stabbed in Their Hotel Room in Thailand

Lesbian Couple Fatally Stabbed in Their Hotel Room in Thailand

A lesbian couple have been brutally stabbed to death in their hotel room at a tourist hotspot in Thailand.

The bodies of Ratree Sriwiboon, 24, and Patsanan Chanprapat, 29, were found inside their hotel room at a beachside resort in Pattaya, about 100 kilometres southeast of Bangkok on Sunday.

Family members discovered the gruesome scene.

Patsanan had suffered stab wounds on her neck and torso, while Ratree had stab wounds to her neck and left ribs.


Just hours before they died, the pair were seen arguing over a picture Ratree had posted online, showing her in a green bikini near a swimming pool.

Family have been left shocked as they had all been in good spirits during a family gathering the night before.

‘Everything was quite normal during the party, so that’s why we are all in shock now,’ Ratree’s brother, Pairoj told The Sun.

He said on the surface the pair’s relationship ‘seemed fine’ but his sister’s girlfriend had a jealous side.

Initial investigations into the murders suggest there was no forced entry into the room, police said.

Police Major Tanongsak Inphadung said a pocket knife was found under Patsanan’s body.

‘We suspect it started with an argument that escalated to violence,’ he said.

‘There are no suspects in the two deaths but we are interviewing witnesses and friends find the cause of the argument.’

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