Lebanon PM-designate Adib calls for collaboration to form gov’t

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib has urged political forces in the crises-hit country to cooperate to facilitate the formation of a new government, almost a week after the passing of the deadline agreed with France to name a cabinet.

Over the past year, Lebanon has been rocked by unprecedented protests calling for an overhaul of the political system, a deepening economic crisis, a surging coronavirus outbreak and a massive explosion that devastated the capital, Beirut.

Following the resignation of the government in the wake of the August 4 explosion, France has been pushing for the quick formation of a new cabinet and has offered to help provide Lebanon with vital aid if its politicians make good on long-overdue reforms.

But its efforts to get Lebanon’s fractious leaders to agree on a new government by mid-September in order to start fixing the country’s problems have yet to bear fruit.

The cabinet formation process has hit a logjam over the demand of Lebanon’s two dominant Shia parties -the Iran-backed Hezbollah and its ally the Amal Movement – to name Shia ministers in the cabinet including the finance minister.

“Lebanon doesn’t have the luxury of wasting time amid the unprecedented crises that it is going through,” Adib, a Sunni Muslim who is backed by former Lebanese prime ministers including Saad Hariri, said on Monday.

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