Lebanese Woman Drugs, Fatally Stabs Her Ex-Husband

Lebanese Woman Drugs, Fatally Stabs Her Ex-Husband

A Lebanese woman admitted to drugging her ex-husband and stabbing him to death in early June, the Internal Security Forces announced in a statement Wednesday. 

The pair had been arguing over custody of their child.

Ramlet al-Baida police and the ISF called the woman in for questioning after finding the 28-year-old man dead and tied to his bed at his home in Souk Raouche, Jnah, on June 10. He had 15 stab wounds across his body, six of which were in the neck.

The ISF reported that the 24-year-old woman admitted to seducing her former spouse and drugging him by slipping sleeping pills into his coffee. Once he was incapacitated, she then tied him up to his bed with shoelaces and stabbed him.

The ISF arrested the woman and initiated legal proceedings against her.

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