Kylie Jenner Shares Video of Stormi Calling her by her First Name

Kylie Jenner Shares Video of Stormi Calling her by her First Name

She surprised fans with the revelation that her daughter Stormi has a nut allergy on Tuesday.

And Kylie Jenner has hilariously revealed that her adorable little girl has begun calling her by her first name, as she took to Instagram Stories to post a hilarious clip on Thursday.

The reality star, 22, displayed her toned abs in a nude crop top as she shared the funny post of her little girl repeatedly saying ‘Hi Kylie,’ despite the star insisting that her name was ‘mommy.’

In the funny clip, Stormi could be seen adorably wandering around her mother in circles, repeatedly saying: ‘Hi Kylie.’

Kylie tried to get her daughter on the right track by sweetly saying: ‘That’s not my name. My name is mommy.’

But Stormi continued to call her beloved mom Kylie in the video, leading the star to say ‘no’ again and again.

In the adorable clips, viewers could only recognise Kylie by her soothing voice towards her daughter.

Stormi looks super cute in jeans and a brown long-sleeve shirt as she looked up towards her mom and the camera.

About an hour earlier, Kylie proudly flaunted her sultry side by sharing some jaw-dropping videos of her physique in a nude crop top and grey sweat pants.

At times, during the shot, she used a popular filter that projected cheery stems on her face.

She first struck a number of poses while sitting down, making sure to show off her ample assets and the curves of her derriere.

The single mother of one also stood up to showcase her toned waist and and cleavage from an assortment of angles.

It comes after Kylie gave fans an insight into her daily diet plan, including the revelation that she doesn’t eat nuts because Stormi has an allergy.

In a video to accompany her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said: ‘If there was like a face of hangry it would be me,’ shared Kylie, who shares Stormi with her ex Travis Scott.

‘And Stormi has it too because when that little girl’s a little hungry, she turns into a different baby. So, if you wonder where she gets it from, it’s me for sure.’

Kylie shared: ‘We are a peanut free household because Stormi is allergic, all nuts not just peanuts.

‘Stormi and I usually eat breakfast together. She likes fruit, blueberries, she loves turkey bacon, she loves bagels.’

She added: ‘I always wonder “What does this little girl dream about?” We were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and was like “bagel.”

‘I was like: “Is she awake right now?” and I looked over. Dead asleep, just dreaming about bagels.’

Kylie went on to reveal she kicks off the day with a celery juice, before enjoying chicken and vegetables for lunch and sushi for dinner.

The star added that she’ll treat herself to double cheeseburgers from In n Out on her cheat days.

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