Kyiv forces say they entered key town of Kupiansk in east Ukraine

Ukrainian forces said on Saturday they had entered the town of Kupiansk in east Ukraine, a key supply hub that had been held by invading Russian forces for several months.

Kyiv’s army in recent days has been pushing deeper into the east of the country, routing Russian forces in a counter-offensive that officials say has seen some 30 towns and villages in the northeastern region of Kharkiv liberated.

Ukrainian special forces published images on social media, which they said showed their officers “in Kupiansk.”

The town “was and will always be Ukrainian,” the statement added.

The images showed a handful of camouflage-clad soldiers carrying automatic weapons gathered around an armored vehicle.

A regional official separately posted an image of Ukrainian soldiers in the east Ukrainian town of around 27,000 people alongside the text: “Kupiansk is Ukraine.”

The town was captured by Russian forces less than one week after Moscow launched its full-scale of invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

The complete capture of Kupiansk by Ukrainian forces would pose a serious problem for Moscow as the town sits on supply routes toward other Russian positions on the eastern frontline.

Ukrainian troops have advanced quickly over recent days in the east of the country and observers of the conflict have said Kyiv’s army is likely to pressure other Russian-controlled towns and cities.

They include Izyum, with an estimated pre-war population of around 45,000 people, which has served as an important staging ground for Russian military operations.

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