Kyiv and Moscow prepare for talks

  • High-level talks between Kyiv and Moscow set to take place on the Ukraine-Belarus border.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls the next 24 hours “crucial” for Ukraine.
  • Ukraine’s military claims the pace of Russia’s assault has slowed.
  • Civilian death toll now stands at 352 people, including 14 children, Ukraine’s health ministry says.
  • Moscow shifts its nuclear forces to a high alert footing.

    Pakistan foreign ministry says hundreds of nationals evacuated from Ukraine

    Pakistan’s foreign ministry says it has evacuated at least 499 of the country’s citizens from Ukraine in recent days.

    The ministry said in a statement that a further 160 citizens were awaiting evacuationon at the Ukraine-Poland border, and an additional 21 were currently en route to the Ukraine-Hungary border.Ukraine is home to roughly 7,000 Pakistanis under normal circumstances, the ministry said, including at least 3,000 students. Most of those individuals had already left the country before Russia launched its invasion, it added.

    Ukrainian president asks for fast-track EU membership

    Zelenskyy has asked the European Union to immediately admit Ukraine as a member state via a special procedure.

    Russia’s strategic position ‘deteriorating rapidly’: Analyst

    Nikolay Mitrokhin, a Russia expert and researcher at Germany’s Bremen University, says Russia’s offensive has “practically stopped on all fronts”.

    “Russia’s strategic position … is deteriorating rapidly. The Russian military is suffering great losses,” he added.

    Mitrokhin identified three possible angles from which Moscow’s forces may, however, refocus their efforts and attack – on Kyiv from the north, on the southern port city of Odesa and on the eastern city of Poltava.

    Russia tells Google to restrict ads containing casualties information

    Russia’s state communications regulator has ordered Alphabet Inc’s Google to immediately restrict access to information posted as part of Google Ads that it claims contains inaccurate information about casualties sustained by Russian forces and Ukrainian civilians.

    Roskomnadzor said it had sent a letter to Google demanding that the offending materials be removed and said it would block internet resources that publish such information.

    Moscow has steadily ramped up efforts to control the narrative concerning its invasion of Ukraine playing out in news media and on tech platforms since launching its attack.

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