Kuwaiti Mom Hides Her Daughter’s Dead Body in a Bathroom For 5 Years

A 60-year-old mother has been arrested for keeping the dead body of her daughter in their house in the Salmiya area, Kuwait, for 5 years.

On October 26, a 21-year-old Kuwaiti man walked into the Salmiya Police Station and complained that his mother had killed his sister in 2016 and had kept the remains in the bathroom of the family apartment.

According to Arab Times, the police patrol went to the house, and after investigation, found a skeleton inside the closed bathroom.

The police were initially prevented from entering the house by the mother and the complainant’s brother. The security forces could conducted the search with a warrant issued by the Public Prosecution.

They found the decomposed remains in the bathroom of the apartment. According to Al-Jarida daily, the mother and brother of the complainant have been arrested and have been referred to public prosecution.


The decomposed remains were referred to the forensic department to find out the actual cause and the circumstances that led to her death.

During interrogation, the mother admitted that she had imprisoned the daughter in a room but did not intend to kill her.

The mother explained that she imprisoned her daughter to discipline her and prevent her from leaving the house. One day she found her daughter dead but did not reveal it to anyone fearing consequences.

The prosecution also recorded the father’s statement, who has separated from his wife five years ago. The husband said that his wife’s cruelty towards their children was the main reason for their separation.

Public Prosecution Office is collecting evidence and is continuing interrogations with the other family members to unravel the mystery and the identity of the murdered daughter.

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