Kuwaiti Model Gifts His Saudi Makeup Artist Wife 24-Carat Gold iPhone 11 … Find Out Why (Video)

Saudi social media star Malika Kabli received a luxurious gift from her Saudi model husband, Ahmed Al Salem, for having her Snapchat account verified.

At first, Ahmed was teasing his wife and asking her to guess what he could have possibly bought for her.

When Malika opened the wooden box, she thought he got her a golden case for her phone, but it turned that he got her 24-carat gold iPhone 11 to her surprise.

Yet, followers of the couple were not very impressed of Kabli’s reaction and described her as “cold,” while others said that this is not an appropriate time for them to brag about their lavish lifestyle amid Coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions.

Al Salem received his share of mockery as well because of his pj’s, as some wrote that it was better for him if he wore one of his casual looks.

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