Kuwaiti Critic Layla Ahmad: ‘Muhanned Al-Hamdi Is a Talentless Actor’! How Did He Respond? (Video)

Kuwaiti critic Layla Ahmad has criticized Saudi actor Muhanned Al-Hamdi, saying that he does not have the talent of acting.

She added that Muhanned has only one facial expression, stressing that he needs excessive training in order to improve his performance.

Layla mentioned how Muhanned struggled to study acting in Kuwait without the financial support of his parents, based on his statements in a recent interview where he said that he had to eat noodles to save money.

The Kuwaiti critic then continued saying that he suddenly became a lead actor in many series despite having no talent unlike Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abduallah Sadhan.

Al-Hamdi didn’t stay silent and he responded to Layla’s criticism.

In a series of tweets he said that his success is because of the support he’d received from the greatest channel in history – as per his words – MBC, adding that he doesn’t care if his words would upset anybody.

In another tweet The Saudi actor wrote that racism runs in the blood of so many people, then he lectured Layla about principles of criticism and its goals.

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