Kuwaiti Apostate Mohammad Al-Momen Changes His Name to an Unusual One

Kuwaiti presenter Mohammad Al-Momen is back to the forefront after he caused a vast sensation in the Arab world last January, when he changed his religion and converted from Islam to Christianity, to announce that he’s changed his name too.

Mohammad Al-Momen Announces Changing His Name

He’s no longer Mohammad Al-Momen as per his now-deleted Instagram account.

The Kuwaiti apostate has revealed his decision to change his name through Instagram, announcing that he decided to give up the name Mohammad Al-Momen and replace it with “Moab.”

The name aroused follower’s astonishment and shock, especially after Al-Momen’s disappearance since last March, when he published a picture of him with the caption “A beautiful day.” Then he to announce the change of his name.

Moab Meaning

In the Moabite language, Moab means ‘Which dad?’, as in the Arabic language, Moab means ‘To be ashamed and disgraced by something.’

Mohammad Al-Momen Converted to Christianity

Last January, Kuwaiti presenter Mohammad Al-Momen has announced converting from Islam to Christianity in a video that went viral while he was wearing a cross.

In the video, Al-Momen said: ‘I became a Christian, I came to know who God is and I understood life. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are the children of Jesus, the son of Mary.’

After Mohammad’s shocking announcement and the great state of controversy he caused, he published yet another bizarre video at the time to respond to critics.

Moab‘ said in the second video: ‘One word and its all over the news. Enough, you tired me out. Enough … I command you to step aside.’

Despite the sharpness of Al-Momen’s words, social media users couldn’t help but focus on his abnormal state when he filmed the video, as he looked irritated and angry, in addition to raising concerns of his health condition after he rubbed his head multiple times.

Who is Mohammad Al-Momen?

Mohammad Al-Momen is the grandson of the media personality Hamad Al-Momen, one of Kuwaiti radio founders.

Al-Momen is a Kuwaiti broadcaster who worked as a media consultant, in addition to presenting a number of news programs, after he started his career in 2005, his brilliance, distinctive style and strong personality that emerged during his programs had helped him to become a prominent name in the field. His most famous talk show was Noqtet Khilaf (A Point Of Contention).


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