Kuwait announces three coronavirus infections

Kuwait announces three coronavirus infections

Three people have been infected with the deadly coronavirus in Kuwait after they arrived from the Iranian city of Mashhad, according to the state news agency KUNA.

One of the people infected with the virus is a Kuwaiti citizen, another is a Saudi Arabian citizen, and the third is of an undisclosed origin.

“The first case is a 53-year-old Kuwaiti citizen, the second is a 61-year-old Saudi Arabian citizen. The condition of the two is normal and they are not showing symptoms of the virus,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

“However, the third case is a 21-year-old of an undisclosed nationality, who has started to show symptoms of the virus.”

All three patients are being monitored and will be isolated until they fully recover, the ministry added.

Kuwait enforced a temporary ban on the export and re-export of virus-testing kits, the Minister of Trade said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia will coordinate with the Kuwaiti health ministry to treat the Saudi citizen, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health said on Monday.

Iran announced on Sunday that eight people have died in the country from coronavirus, marking the first deaths from the outbreak in the region. The Iranian Ministry of Health said that there are 43 confirmed cases of the illness in Iran.

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