Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Selfie With Her Mom

Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Selfie With Her Mom

They recently collaborated on a new scent for her burgeoning perfume collection.

Kim Kardashian, 39, shared a throwback photo featuring her mother Kris Jenner, 64, to her KKW Fragrance Instagram account on Tuesday.

The snapshot, which was dated to 2008, showed the burgeoning reality star a year after Keeping Up With The Kardashians cemented her place in pop culture.

Kim snapped the selfie from the back of an SUV while her mother stared ahead.

The Skims founder’s outfit wasn’t visible, but she had her raven locks styled in long wavy strands and wore a large pair of plastic-frame sunglasses.

Kris chose a colorful look with a purple, white and black blouse, and she wore black aviator sunglasses with her standard pixie cut.

‘Like mother, like daughter,’ Kim captioned the photo while adding a sunglasses emoji.

Though the caption didn’t explicitly mention their new fragrance, it was likely promoting KKW X Kris.

The image showed her and her mother at a pivotal moment for the Kardashian–Jenner clan.

Kim had already been featured on episodes of The Simple Life with her friend Paris Hilton, and Kris had begun discussions with Ryan Seacrest about a reality series featuring her family starting in 2006.

Kim’s sex tape with Ray Jay helped create buzz surrounding her in early 2007, perfect timing for the series’ premiere later that year.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kim shared a sultry photo to Instagram of herself taken from inside her massive wardrobe at her $60M home in Hidden Hills, California.

The shapewear mogul looked ready for spring in a glowing yellow tank top covered in elegant floral patterns.

Her top had an upturned collar with a diagonal slit, which was held together with a drawstring.

She completed the look with a black skirt and she appeared to have heels on with straps running up her ankles

Kim had her lips puckered up for a kiss, and her lustrous raven tresses were swept over one shoulder.

She posed on the floor of her wide-open closet, which resemble a gigantic changing room with its open space and movable clothing racks.

The room is the ideal space for Kim to show off her newest Skims designs. Earlier this month she arranged some of the new slimming outfits throughout the room to show off the new designs and colors.

On Monday, she debuted a racy topless look to capitalize on her ‘tropical vibes.’

Rather than focusing on her own line Skims or her haute couture looks, the post was dedicated to her KKW makeup products.

Kim covered her bust with a brilliant white lei made of delicate flowers, and she flipped her long dark locks off tot he side.

She even added a green parakeet on her shoulder to complete the photo’s tropical feel.

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