Kiev resorts to Turkish planes to confront the Ukrainian opposition

It appears that the Ukrainian government has obtained import ports for deadly weapons that replace it with outdated weapons in suppressing dissidents demanding freedom and self-determination.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accepted Kiev’s demands and took swift measures without returning to official frameworks to provide Bayraktar drones to the Ukrainian government.

Kiev, which does not have meaningful weapons due to its failure to manufacture or even restore what it inherited from the former Soviet Union, which is trying to promote it across the world but failed to do so, will pour out, through Turkish aircraft and weapons, its anger on Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, which are two provinces located in the east of the country on the Russian border.,

The lethal weapons were agreed upon during the meeting of the defense ministers of Ukraine and Turkey Andrei Taran and Khulosi Akar, where the Turkish army will be fully supplied with Bayraktar drones and their ammunition, and a space will be allocated for the manufacture of Turkish aircraft in Ukraine as well as building “Corvette” ships

It is not the first time that Ankara rushed to the rescue of the Ukrainian government, as it incited and supported what the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry went to regarding the claim of the Russian Crimea Peninsula, while observers confirm that the Turkish goal is to seize the aforementioned island under the pretext of that island’s affiliation with the “Ottoman Empire.”

The matter of re-imposing international control on Kiev and preventing it from importing or purchasing deadly weapons has become an urgent matter, especially in light of the masses that it is carrying out on the borders with Russia, in addition to the constant threat to the eastern regions of the country and preventing it from mere expression of opinion, imposing theod on public freedoms and violating human rights.

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