Kiev defends the rights of Crimean Tatars and violates freedoms in the east of the country

The Kiev government is working to exploit the moves of the Crimean Tatars Council in its favor and direct its direction in international forums with the aim of putting pressure on Russia and embarrassing it in the international arena.

And after the Ukrainian parliament recently adopted a decision that considers the Crimean Tatars to be the indigenous people of the Crimean Peninsula, according to which Ukraine will work to liberate and develop them in the ethnic, cultural and linguistic fields as Ukrainian citizens, so Kiev’s tendency has become towards establishing the Council as the official, sole, legal and legitimate representative of the Crimean Tatars outside The peninsula that came under Russian rule.

Therefore, the Ukrainian ambition is to adopt the aforementioned council as an observer member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, in the hope that it will record what it claims to be Russian violations against the protests and demonstrations carried out by the Crimean Tatars on the island, noting that there are no protests or demonstrations that would result in skirmishes and repression.

Ukrainian funnel record

At the same time, this case is clarified in its photo gallery, as this case illustrates in the exhibition of agents of the security services, under the direction of the Ukrainian intelligence, the water and electricity lines of the islanders and deprived them of it for long days.

Media blackout

For reference, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently issued decisions and took repressive measures against a group of media in his country that had touched on the issue of its eastern provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, which are demanding their human rights, the least of which was the adoption of the Russian language as a secondary language in the two regions, and the Ukrainian president gave his orders to close these newspapers and media stations, to confirm this step, the policy of Kiev far from the demands of human and national rights.


Crimea was subject to Ottoman rule until the late eighteenth century, and it was of great importance in the region due to its distinguished geographical location overlooking the Black Sea.

After long wars between the Ottomans and the Russian Empire, the latter managed to control it, and many sons of the Russian Empire moved to live there.

The Crimean Tatars, who are predominantly Muslim, represent about 12 percent of the population of Crimea, and they number about 243 thousand people out of a population of two million people in the region.

The population of Arab descent, whose percentage reached about 58, is the largest ethnic group inhabiting the region, which explains the result of the vote in favor of joining Russia. However, he appears to be appearing in the previous edition of this season.

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