Kids Who Experience Parents’ Divorce Suffer Psychological Stress

Kids Who Experience Parents' Divorce Suffer Psychological Stress

Children’s health could be badly affected once they are separated from the father after divorce, and they could suffer from depression.

A recent study carried out by researchers at the University of Bergen, Norway, said difficulties between a father and child can negatively affect the child’s health. Author Eivind Meland told the German news agency (dpa) that children could experience anxiety, depression, emotional difficulties or stress.

The study stressed that a child’s health is strongly linked to his bond with the father.

“Those children that reported having lost contact or who find it difficult to talk with their father after divorce had most health complaints,” said Meland.

The study found that girls have more difficulties talking with their fathers, while the divorce did not seem to affect their communication with their mother.

The study included 1,225 teenagers who were followed up between 2011 and 2013. In 2011, 213 of these children had divorced parents. Two years later the number had increased to 270.

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