Kevin Bacon Admits He Won’t be Doing ‘Footloose’ Dance Anymore

Kevin Bacon Admits He Won't be Doing 'Footloose' Dance Anymore

36 years after its release, Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon said he will no longer perform the memorable dance moves from the teen movie that launched his career, Footloose.

When Access Hollywood asked the Philadelphia-born 61-year-old on Monday if he’d ever recreate Ren McCormack’s angry warehouse dance, he shook his head: ‘No, I’m not that angry anymore, no.’ ‘But yeah I do get a lot of requests for that,’ Kevin stressed.

‘Of course, yeah, it’s a thing! People will come up and they’ll sort of do a little dancing. There was a time when I was kind of over it, but now I’m happy to embrace it – not that I can dance that well.’

Bacon last ‘cut loose’ for a 2014 segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Herbert Ross’ flick about a Utah town banning dancing.

Like a lot of dance movies from the eighties, four doubles were hired to help make up for any lack of the Animal House alum’s own physicality.

‘I had a stunt double, a dance double and two gymnastics doubles. There were five of us in the f***ing outfit, and I felt horrible,’ Kevin recalled to  People in 2011.

‘I was furious. It’s like a starting pitcher getting taken out of a game – no one wants to be told they can’t get the guy out…When the movie came out, the studio told me to never mention that they used a double. While I was in no position to do this, I told them, “You are out of your f***ing mind!”‘

Footloose went on to earn 10 times its $8.2M budget, put out an iconic soundtrack, as well as Craig Brewer’s forgettable 2011 remake starring professional dancers.

Bacon also does not recite dialogue from his old movies, even though fans approach him remembering the script better than him.

‘I definitely can’t recite the lines for anything because I can’t think of it like a hard drive. You know, it fills up and then you dump everything off the back end,’ the City on a Hill actor explained.

‘It’s weird because there are movies that you remember because the movie itself you were proud of or proud to be apart of but then there’s also movies that become a template for a certain time in your life.’

Kevin and his wife of 31 years Kyra Sedgwick – who happen to be ninth cousins once removed – have been focusing on their #IFeedTheFront initiative by his charity Six Degrees.

‘Obviously, we want to support our frontline workers as much as we possibly can. It’s been said so many times, but they are the heroes of this [coronavirus] situation,’ Bacon said.

‘What’s really cool about it is the money raised not only supports the healthcare workers but it also supports these local restaurants that are struggling. Obviously, they had to close down, a lot of them. The restaurants are providing the food and dropping it at the hospitals and healthcare centers.’

The Last Degree podcaster and the 54-year-old Golden Globe winner have even enlisted help with #IFeedTheFront from their 28-year-old daughter Sosie and 30-year-old son Travis.

‘Kyra reminded me that I talked about having kids pretty early on in our relationship. She was only 22, so she was kind of like, “What? Really?”‘ Kevin recalled.

‘And I had real delusions of grandeur, because I was thinking we’d have four and then adopt four. I’m the youngest of six, so that was something that I thought was kind of doable. That changed. But we got pregnant on our honeymoon. It was the greatest thing. It’s a cliche but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.’

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