Kerem Bürsin is Covered in Blood in Latest Pic

A picture of the famous Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin has been causing a lot of controversy on social media, as he appeared to be full of blood.

The picture which was shared on Kerem Bürsin’s official Instagram page, and the Turkish stars appeared to be full of blood, with wounds all over his face, he captioned the post: ”An Unusual Story”.

In another story, a different picture caused controversy on social media as it featured Kerem and his ex Hande Erçel wearing the Hijab, which sparked a lot of questions on social media.

Hande in a Hijab was pictured alongside Kerem Bürsin who was in the clothes of a man of religion, he put on his head what looks like a hat and held a rosary in his hand.

This picture was created by fans of the duo Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel and fans of the series “You Knocking on My Door”.

Bürsin’s romance with Erçel drew the audience’s talk after receiving the Best Actor and Actress awards, respectively, a few days ago.

The romance between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel seemed clear, as their looks stole each other’s attention when they received the award and while they were taking souvenir photos.

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