Kerem Bürsin Gets NAKED Anywhere in This Case

The actor has visited the set of ‘Tonight With Ibrahim Selim’ in which he has confessed the reason why he hardly drinks.

The star of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door / Love Is In The Air), Kerem Bürsin, has caused a stir with his statements on Tonight With Ibrahim Selim show.

The actor who plays Serkan in the popular the Turkish soap opera, has confessed why he hardly drinks.

“I undress anywhere.  I start and finish without a shirt, without socks and without pants. That’s why I don’t drink much. The last time I got drunk was two or three years ago,” Kerem jokingly confessed and astonished the presenter and the audience.

However, this was not the only surprising statement made by Bürsin.

When asked by host Ibrahim Selim what was the strangest compliment he’s ever received, Kerem recalled a witty compliment he received for his ears.

“I have a prominent ear, my left ear. I got a compliment on this once. I guess it’s not very common. It caught someone’s attention and they said it was very nice. This is the first thing that comes to mind.”


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