Kerem Bürsin Returns to Instagram.. And Hande Erçel Is the First One to Celebrate It

Kerem Bürsin has disappeared from the social networking app for four days, causing his fans to go mad.

But last night, the Turkish actor has returned to Instagram as he shared the happy news with his 9 million followers.

The Bürsin announced the happy news by treating his fans with a short video message from his car posted on Instagram Stories.

The actor who plays Serkan Bolat in Sen Çal Kapımı said with a wicked laugh in the video: ‘Hey everybody, I’m back’.

He also wrote: ‘What’s good everybody! @thebursin is back @instagram,’ adding rock hand emojis.

However, Kerem Bürsin was not the only one who was celebrating his return to Instagram in the car, because the woman who stole his heart Hande Erçel was partying next to him too.

The actress who plays Eda Yıldız in the hit show Sen Çal Kapımı also shared Kerem Bürsin’s picture with her 23.9 million followers on Instagram, and tagged him next to a sunglasses emoji.

Hande Erçel celebrates Kerem Bürsin Return to Instagram
On August 20, Kerem Bürsin’s Instagram account which has 9 million followers has suddenly disappeared without any warnings.

On that day, Kerem wrote a tweet to Instagram on Twitter and asked them to retrieve his account.

In another tweet, Kerem reassured his fans that he will be back to Instagram in a few days, adding that he’s figuring things out.

Three days later after the suspension, Bürsin got a bit angry because his account was not fixed, and wrote a grumpy tweet to Instagram and asked them if they would ever bring back his account.

Burcu Biricik Instagram Account Is Back Too

Kerem Bürsin was not the only Turkish actor whose Instagram got suspended, as Turkish actress Burcu Biricik faced the same thing on the same day Kerem’s account was surprisingly closed.

Last night, Burcu Biricik Instagram account was retrieved along with Kerem’s account as well, suggesting that the app was facing a possible glitch.

Burcu Biricik has celebrated her return by posting a selfie while doing a fist bump gesture on Instagram Stories, as she played ‘I’m Back’ to Eminem.

Burcu Biricik Instagram Account Is Back Too

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