Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel Share Charming Pictures of Each Other on Instagram

Before heading to their Maldivian trip, Sen Çal Kapimi co-stars Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel were told by journalists that despite the many rumors of their alleged love, they still have never firmly denied them, in addition to spending a lot of time together outside the set, such as eating and drinking together, as well as going to the gym with each other.

The alleged couple’s response at the time was: ‘Friends, you will know when there is love. You will be notified if there is any development on this subject.’

Shortly after this quick interview in İstinye where Hande and Kerem were working out, the two actors occupied headlines on April 19 when they went on a holiday together to one of the most romantic places on earth, Maldives.

In the past week, players of Serkan and Eda in You Knock On My door have shared several pictures and hints that the love claims about them are almost true, but without directly confirming the news.

But yesterday, Bürsin and Erçel shared the clearest proof of their love with their millions of followers on Instagram.

At first, Kerem Bürsin took a charming picture of his alleged girlfriend Hande Erçel from behind, as she was gazing into the horizon enjoying the breathtaking scenery of sunset in Maldives.

"Kerem Bürsin Bursin Hande Erçel Ercel Maldives love romantic picture beach sunset romantik resim kumsal gün batımı seviyorum"

The picture was not the only proof which sparked fans’ excitement, it was also the comment that Kerem left on the picture.

Bürsin flirted with Hande and said: ‘A beautiful view, a beautiful place with a beautiful woman.’

Like you wouldn’t believe, the beautiful Turkish actress responded to Kerem in the same romantic way, as she posted his picture while he was walking on the shore of the stunning island, and wrote: ‘And you, the B’, as if Hande was saying that he’s also a beautiful man, and she used the name he uses on Instagram ‘The Bürsin’.

Kerem Bürsin Bursin Hande Erçel Ercel Maldives love romantic picture beach sunset romantik resim kumsal gün batımı seviyorum

Now can we consider this as the development that Kerem and Hande told the press about?

We do understand that friends can call each other beautiful, but attaching that comment to romantic pictures in Maldives kind of make the relationship outside the friend zone!

Let us wait and see what Kerem and Hande are hiding for us.

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