Kate’s Sister: ‘I’ve Got a Really Bad Cocaine Addiction’

Just over a fortnight since saying she was in rehab, Kate Moss’ sister Lottie has now admitted she is being treated for cocaine addiction.

In a seven second video, the 24-year-old model admitted she had a ‘really bad addiction’ to the Class A drug.

Miss Moss, who appeared on the cover of Paris Vogue in 2016, had first told fans she was undergoing treatment for substance abuse on February 1.

In a video posted on Wednesday to social media platform TikTok, the model looked downcast as she lip-synced the words: ‘I have a really bad addiction to coke.’ Text on the video read ‘When people ask why I’m in rehab’ written across the screen. She captioned the post ‘Savage but true’, and told followers she has been clean from cocaine for the past 18 days.

While some comments praised her honesty, one person wrote: ‘Always copying your sister I see.’ Her half-sister Kate, 48, spent time in rehab for ‘exhaustion’ and in 2005, a picture surfaced of her next to lines of a mysterious white powder.

Announcing she had checked into rehab at the start of the month, Miss Moss uploaded a video on TikTok with text written on it which read: ‘When everyone’s glamorising droog taking but you’re literally in r3h4b.’

The spelling mistakes are likely to be intentional to ensure her post is not removed by the site as it has strict policies around the promotion or portrayal of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances.

Miss Moss followed in her sister’s footsteps and signed as a model when she was 16.

Initially she appeared in campaigns for the likes of Chanel and Calvin Klein, but her career struggled to keep pace. She now shares revealing photos of herself on the adult content subscription site OnlyFans, which is also used by Katie Price.

Miss Moss spoke out in 2020 about her battle with substances due to anxiety, saying: ‘My struggles have caused me to act out of character and ultimately I think I was becoming a person that I didn’t really like which is why I numbed myself with substances and put myself down through neglect of my mental health and my general health.’

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