Kate Upton Beats Hande Erçel in IMDb’s ‘2021 Most Attractive Women’ List

Hande Erçel, who took part in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, has achieved a world-famous success.

Erçel ranked second in the world in the list of the most attractive women between the ages of 28-30 in 2021 on IMDb list.

The famous actress is among the names that attract attention on social media. Erçel also has 25 million 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

American actress and model Kate Upton won first place in the list, whereas Beste Kanar, who appeared in the Çukur series, was ranked 18th.

Here are the names that competed in the top 20 in the list of the sexiest women aged between 28-30 in 2021 according to IMDb.

1. Kate Upton
2. Hande Ercel
3. Erica Manni
4. Elizabeth Lail
5. Selena Gomez
6. Ask Mityushina
7. Bryana Holly
8. Christians Harper
9. Jodie Comer
10. Conor Leslie

Previously, Hande Erçel had been selected as the most beautiful woman by portals such as Glamor UK, the annual list of TC Candler and The independent critics ‘The 100 most beautiful faces of the year’ – where she has occupied the first place twice – as well as the international ranking of Top Beauty World , which has also placed her at number one on several occasions.

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