Katara launches competitions and exhibitions via social media platforms During the holy month of Ramadan

Katara Ramadan competitions are distinguished by the diversity of the subject, the richness of the content and the renewal of style. - Religious, cultural and heritage competitions for different groups and ages - Broadcasting the second part of the animated series "Tamor & Tamora” on Qatar TV - Virtual exhibitions of selected fine-art artists. - Communicate with the participants by phone or zoom program.

Wadad Hachichou

The Cultural Village Foundation Katara is preparing to launch online competitions covering religious, cultural and heritage aspects through social media platforms, as well as virtual exhibitions of a group of fine-art artists.

These happenings and events come within the activities of Katara during the holy month of Ramadan and in the framework of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by Katara to confront the Corona virus (COVID 19) and prevent its spread. The competitions are directed to various social and age groups, and they include memorizing the Holy Qur’an and prophetic sayings, in addition to competitions related to culture, heritage, short story and media.

Katara competitions during Ramadan are characterized by the diversity of the subject and the richness of the content. The Quran competition of “Juz’u Amma” for Children from 6 to 13 years old, and includes memorizing and reciting, in addition to the “Katara Prophetic Hadiths” competition for girls and boys from 10 and 18, the participants are required to memorize the book of Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith.

Katara will also launch competitions in culture, heritage, and media, such as (The Katara Fluent Media Anchor) on TV and radio for girls and boys from the age of 12 to 22 years. Participants are required to read a text provided by Katara, and send the audio or video recording on WhatsApp, with the information of the participant and a copy of his ID. Katara announced three prizes for the winners of the same value for the winners in both competitions, as the first winner will get 13000 QAR, the second 10000 QAR and the third 8000 QAR.

The Qatari Heritage competition is another event that Katara will also launch, as Katara will post a daily question on Katara’s social media platforms related to the old Qatari wordings, in addition to the short story competition inspired from the life of the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), the story should be for children, and the number of the words of the story must be between 100 and 120 words. The (Katara Galleries) competition includes a daily question about one of the previous Katara exhibitions.

Qatar TV will broadcast during Ramadan the second part of the animated series “Tamor & Tamora” produced by Katara, and which won the award of the 20th session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival held in the Tunisian capital From 27 to 30 June 2019Within the category of children’s programs. This animation series aim to spread awareness among children, in addition to connect the current generation with the inherited Qatari heritage and cultural product. The animated series is also the first artwork of Katara Publishing House, supervised by Mr. Khalid Abdul Rahim Sayed.

On the other hand, Katara is preparing to launch virtual exhibitions of fine-art artists such as: the virtual exhibition “Al Tayebeen” by the Qatari artist Ali Dasmal Al-Kuwari, the virtual exhibition “Patches” by the Syrian artist Hadi Qasous, and the exhibition “A Mirage You Cannot Reach” by the artist Masoud Al Balushi, and “The Result” exhibition by Qatari artist Fatima Al-Naimi

The Cultural Village Katara set a period for the registration in the The Quran competition for kids “Juz’u Amma”, the “Katara Prophetic Hadith” Competition, the Short Story Competition and (The Katara Fluent Media Anchor) Competition, starting from 1 Ramadan to 10 Ramadan, and the communication with the participants will be by phone or Zoom program.

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