Kashmiri man writes Quran by hand on a single piece of paper

Mustafa Ibni Jameel, a calligrapher from Kashmir, sets a new record by writing the Quran on a 500-meter-long scroll over seven months.

Using specialized pens and 85 gsm paper, the 27-year-old calligrapher said it took him months to produce the historic calligraphy. He utilized paper that was 500 meters long and 14.5 inches wide.

“It took me two months to arrange for the special art paper for calligraphy. I got that from a factory in Delhi as it was not available in the open market. Then I also got a special calligraphy ink for it” Jameel told India’s news agency PTI.


Jameel then began the calligraphy portion taking him three months to complete. He finished the work last June, using the Naskh font for this project.

“It was my heartfelt desire to write a Quran copy,” Jameel said, adding, initially he took calligraphy to improve his handwriting. “Then, I started writing a few chapters of the Quran and felt so happy in doing so, that it occurred to me that I should use my God-given gift to do something unique.”

Jameel wants to develop his artistic career career in calligraphy further and is currently has other projects in mind. But there is no rush.

With the help of his artwork, Jameel received recognition from an independent NGO, the  Lincoln Book of Records, based in Chennai, and created to celebrate and promote the world’s undiscovered talents.

“I feel so happy to have taken this task and to have completed it. I have put on paper my love for the Quran and calligraphy. You can gauge my passion from the fact that I used to spend about 18 hours a day on it,” he said.

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