Kadir Doğulu Co-Stars Alongside His Wife in ‘Fee Nehayet Al Leil’

Turkish news websites confirmed that Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül will appear on the same screen together after nine years.

Sources revealed that Startv bought the rights to broadcast the Turkish series ‘Fee Nehayet Al Leil’ (At The end of The Night) starring Atagül, but she insisted heavily that the co-star hero to be her husband actor Doğulu.

It seems clear that the Turkish channel’s insistence on Kadir to be the protagonist alongside his wife was never in vain, as many problems occurred with Neslihan during the blind love series when artist Burak Özgvet participated in the contest.

Another problem was when the actress withdrew from the series ‘Ebnat Elsafeer’ (The Ambassador’s daughter) with artist Engin Akyürek which sparked a great controversy that Kadir’s choice of the role was to avoid any jealousy problems.

Many followers praised the idea of Neslihan participating alongside her husband, while many of them criticized the actress, who is trying to involve her husband in everything she does, and thus puts herself in a big predicament.

Earlier, about nine years ago, the duo participated in the series “Fateh Harbiya” in 2013, the series in which they met for the first time and sparked love between them.

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