Justin Bieber Respectfully Asks Fans to Leave His Apartment

The 27-year-old singer was seen in a newly posted TikTok in which he spoke to fans who had been waiting outside his apartment in New York City to leave the area because he didn’t “appreciate” them coming to his place of residence.

The clip was posted by one of the fans, who admitted in the caption she “felt bad” for Justin when he explained he just wanted to “relax” in his home.

Justin said in the video: “I hear you, I hear you. But this is my home. You know what I mean? This is where I live. And I don’t appreciate you guys being here. You know when you come home at the end of the night, and you want to relax? This is my space to do that. So I would appreciate it if you guys could leave.”

Although the TikTok was uploaded on Saturday (26.06.21), it’s unclear whether the content itself is recent, as the same user also posted another video in which she met Justin, which she described as a throwback in the caption.

Meanwhile, the ‘Yummy’ hitmaker shared similar comments about fans loitering outside his home in a social media post in October last year, when he said it’s “completely inappropriate” to wait outside his property.

He wrote at the time: “How do you convince yourself it’s not completely inappropriate and disrespectful to wait outside my home to gawk, stare and take pictures as I walk into my apartment. This is not a a hotel. It’s my home. (sic)”

Justin is used to living his life in the spotlight since rising to fame as a teenager, and his wife Hailey Bieber previously said she was nervous to kiss him in public because she felt as though people were always “watching” them.

She explained: “It was difficult for me to understand how to carry on a relationship like this, experienced under the eyes of all. But there comes a time when you have to embrace reality, and admit who you are.

“For a long time I couldn’t do it: I didn’t kiss him in public, I didn’t like the idea of people watching us at certain moments … But I realised that it is a battle that in the long run, instead of protecting you, exhausts you. The fact is, we love each other. And there is really nothing to hide.”

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