Justin Bieber Head-Over-Heels in Love with Oscar

Justin Bieber has made it no secret that he is head-over-heels in love with his Yorkshire terrier mix Oscar, whom he adopted in late 2018.

And the Grammy-winner, 26, took his doggy devotion to another level by wearing matching outfits with Oscar on Thursday.

‘Screaming!!’ captioned Justin’s wife of two-years Hailey, who shared a sweet snapshot of the duo to Instagram.

Specifically, Justin and Oscar had on coordinating red Hawaiian shirts, featuring bright blue flowers and palm tree leaves throughout.

The snap showed the Baby hitmaker sipping on a glass of red wine as Oscar sat idly next to him on a beige couch in their spacious living room.

Bieber paired his gaudy button up with some bright pink basketball shorts courtesy of his streetwear line Drew.

He also let his golden blonde hair poke out from beneath a solid black beanie.

In the background of Hailey’s hilarious snapshot of Justin and Oscar, fans got a glimpse of some of the luxe decor inside the couple’s sprawling rental home.

There was a giant floral oil painting hanging one one wall, as well as a large candelabra seen through the doorway to the next room over.

Justin and Hailey, who wed in September of 2018, added Oscar to their family just three months later, as reported by TMZ at the time.

The pup appeared to be an early Christmas gift for the couple, with Hailey sharing a sweet photo of Oscar to Instagram with the caption: ‘Christmas baby.’

Since then, the Bieber’s have frequently shared pics and videos of their only dog with their respective Instagram followings, even bringing him along on a cross-country road trip last summer.

Though Oscar is currently living at home with Justin and Hailey, the couple were recently forced to ‘temporarily re-home’ their two Savannah cats Sushi and Tuna, the Hailey told Elle earlier this month.

The couple paid a reported $35,000 for Sushi and Tuna when they were cubs but the terms of the lease on their current rental home has meant the creatures – which are a cross between a domesticated cat and a medium-sized wild African serval – cannot stay with them and so they are currently living with the 24-year-old model’s cousin.

‘The cats are amazing, but they are psycho,’ she admitted to the outlet.

‘At one point, we had them in this room with a big sliding glass door. We’re sitting in the kitchen and we hear this giant thud, and we turn around and one of the cats has jumped off the ground and is sprawled out like this [spreadeagled],’ she recalled.

‘[He clung to the glass] like Spider-Man,’ she stressed, before noting that the duo are also ‘really vocal.’

‘They legit talk to you. But they act half wild.’

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