June 7: Jordan to Re-open Restaurants and Cafes

June 7: Jordan to Re-open Restaurants and Cafes

Dining at restaurants, including the ones at malls, and cafes will be allowed as of June 7 under health measures and standards that protect the sector and people, the Jordan Association for Restaurants and Sweets Shops Owners announced on Friday.

On social media, some praised the decision while others expressed fear at the possibility of overcrowding at restaurants and cafes.

Moreover, owners of restaurants and cafes called for extending the hours during which movement is allowed up from 7:00pm to have time for cleaning and organising.

“Restaurants were opened so people can make money, especially since they have been out of income since March and it has become harder to manage,” Sara Awrtani commented on Facebook.

“As for the virus, restaurants and cafes are surely to follow health standards and those who are afraid can choose not to go,” Awrtani also wrote, saying that the decision is “necessary”.

While the government did not issue any official statements regarding the opening of restaurants and cafes, the association, in its replies to people’s comments on its statement on Facebook, said that by the time of the opening, the working hours could be extended until 10:00pm, adding that the decision “will surely be implemented”.

Some sanitisation service companies posted their contacts for restaurants to contact them.

Many also tagged their friends, expressing their joy at the news that they will be able to meet outside and eat at their favourite restaurants, enjoying what they described as a sort of “normal life”.

Bayan K, who mentioned her friend on the decision wrote: “We are going out this next Sunday, just make sure when I call you, you will not be at the restaurant in our area before I am.”

“As long as the tables are set afar from each other, the number of customers is limited and argileh is excluded from the menu, with all health and safety conditions followed, like wearing masks and gloves, things should be fine,” Aso Has commented on the news, while Um Odeh Awartani wrote: “They [restaurants and cafes] should not open when infections are being registered daily. The virus is still out there.”

“It is not just about us being bored and wanted to have fun, many workers in the sector will lose their jobs if things remain closed, and they have families and commitments, and those who are afraid can stay home away from gatherings,” Safa Yousf wrote.

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