Jordanians Fly Flags to Celebrate 74th Independence Anniversary

Jordanians Fly Flags to Celebrate 74th Independence Anniversary

Leading up to Jordan’s 74th Independence Day, celebrated on Monday, the Ministry of Culture called on all public and private institutions to participate in its “Our flag is high” national campaign to mark the occasion.  

Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Omar Razzaz has also issued a circular calling on ministries, public departments and institutions to fly the Jordanian flag from all of their buildings, and citizens to raise the flag from their homes in celebration of the occasion, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Culture Minister Bassem Tweissi told Petra that the campaign also includes activities such as the festival of kites bearing the colours of the Jordanian flag in a gesture of appreciation for the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and medical personnel who “have contributed the most” in the Kingdom’s fight against COVID-19.

The Culture Ministry is joined in its efforts, to celebrate the national holiday, by the Ministry of Local Administration and the Ministry of Youth, as well as the Greater Amman Municipality and other national institutions that will participate in implementing the campaign.

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