Jordanian Presenter Sawsan Haroun’s Mother Bathes Her.. Watch

Jordanian Presenter Sawsan Haroun's Mother Bathes Her.. Watch

Kuwait-based Jordanian presenter and artist Sawsan Haroun sparked wide controversy after she posted a video saying that her mother is the one who bathes her!

Sawsan commented: “May God keep you safe for me, mother of Sawsan. My mum gave me a wonderful bath.”

She continued: “Some people ask me, is it real that my mother bathes me or am I lying? Well, what is wrong with that? I don’t know how to clean my hair well.”

Haroun added: “Taking care of your children has nothing to do with age, whether I’m an adult or a kid. And even if I turn 60, I will continue to be spoiled by my mother. Go let your mothers bathe you.”

After the video was widely circulated, Haroun was heavily criticized. Many felt that there was no need for her to share such a video, wondering at the same time why some celebrities insist on sharing strange details of their lives.

Others also said that she was doing this as a desperate attempt to gain fame.

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