Jordan: Social Media Praises Traffic Police on Chilly December Days

Jordan: Social Media Praises Traffic Police on Chilly December Days

Social media is buzzing with praise for traffic police officers who braved chilly December temperatures in commitment to road safety, with users sharing photos and expressions of gratitude. 

“From my car window, I saw a traffic policeman trying to warm his hands with his breath,” said 26-year-old Baraa Awadallah, who stressed the importance of giving recognition to “all traffic officers working in the brisk December air”.

Traffic officers stay out in the cold for hours to maintain road safety, while struggling against adverse weather conditions, Awadallah said on Saturday.

She added that motorists and pedestrians alike have been noticing the efforts of traffic police officers to ensure that the Kingdom’s streets are equipped to withstand emerging seasonal risks.

Abeer Nofal, 23, said that security personnel and traffic officers “display the spirit of the law through their responsible quest to enhance the security environment”.

As temperatures have dropped in the past few days, messages and pictures have been forwarded and shared, highlighting the vital role traffic officers play, Nofal told The Jordan Times.
“We are used to blaming the officers on the streets if there are cars lined up and honking repeatedly,” Nofal said, stressing that recently Jordan has been reminded of the “vital role of traffic police officers”, prompting the public to commend their hard work.

Suad Fadda, a working mother of two, said that with the presence of police officers on the streets, she “rests assured” that her 20-year-old son will return home safely every day.

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