Jordan Revamps Art, Culture Via Fund

Jordan Revamps Art, Culture Via Fund

A consensus has been reached to establish a joint fund titled “Culture and Art Fund” as a government priority, Culture Minister Bassem Tweissi said in an interview with Al Rai Arabic daily.

In the report published on Sunday, Tweissi said that the proposed fund is currently under the consideration of the Cabinet.

After studying “the damage” in the culture and art sector, the ministry had sent a letter to the prime minister, which resulted in supporting more than 100 artists, he said.

The minister added that some 600 authors and artists are expected to benefit from the Himmat Watan Fund, a national fund launched on March 31 to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in the Kingdom.

Candidates who meet the conditions are expected to receive the support within two weeks.

“The ministry succeeded in offering some innovative cultural products during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, through which it managed to meet a lot of the needs of society,” he noted.


Tweissi added that this approach has been realised through a series of programmes that expanded the base of those “who deal with the ministry”.

“The ministry moved from the narrow scope of merely dealing with intellectuals and members of cultural commissions to reach a wide base that included thousands,” the minister said.

He also said that the work started late last year to prepare an “untraditional basic vision that connects culture with renaissance and prosperity, and at the same time looks at culture as a societal and productive sector “.

Tweissi also referred to the government’s decision to task the ministry with preparing a national cultural plan to celebrate the centennial of the Kingdom. The ministry has embarked on forming the relevant internal committees, he added.

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