Jordan Peele Donates $1 Million to the ‘Health and Lives of Black People’

Jordan Peele Donates $1 Million to the 'Health and Lives of Black People'

Jordan Peele has donated $1 million to various “essential” organisations.

The ‘Us’ filmmaker and his Monkeypaw Production company will make payments to Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, Fair Fight, and Transgender Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project.

A statement shared on Monkeypaw’s Twitter page read: “Jordan Peele and Monkeypaw Productions are proud to donated $1 million across five organisations we see as essential to the health and lives of Black people.

“We are committed to continued action against a system rooted in the violence and oppression of the Black community.”

The 41-year-old actor-and-director has spoken up against racism many times, and previously explained how his horror film ‘Get Out’ was actually about systemic racism.

He said: “You find the insidious qualities that white liberals have.

“The gut punch of the movie is ultimately meant to say that racism is a human problem and the ‘woke’ people know not to call themselves ‘woke.’ ”

And the “sunken place” the lead character falls into under hypnosis was a metaphor for “this state of marginalisation that I’ve never really quite had a word for”.

He added: “The sunken place is the prison-industrial complex, it’s the dark hole we throw black people in.

“The sunken place is the theater that black people are relegated to watching horror movies on the screen. We can scream at the screen but we’re not going to get represented on the other side.”

Jordan also explained that the inspiration for ‘Get Out’ – which tells the story of a black man who is introduced to the family of his white girlfriend – can be traced back to Barack Obama becoming the US President.

He said: “The genesis for the film was when Obama was elected and there was this sentiment that we can stop talking about race now because we’ve just solved the problem.

“We are now living in a system where racism is involved with policy. We’ve left the era where people were trying to pretend that race doesn’t exist.”

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