Jordan Activates E-permits to Give Mangers Ability to Move to Handout Wages

Jordan Activates E-permits to Give Mangers Ability to Move to Handout Wages

The government team for work continuity in the public and private sectors on Monday determined the mechanism for managers or authorised signatories in companies and civil society organisations to obtain temporary electronic permits for movement under the curfew for the purpose of handing out salaries.

The process of requesting these temporary permits begins with a visit to the website, where the permit applicant enters the facility’s national number, which will be validated through linking with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Following that, applicants must enter only their national number and ID number and the remaining personal details will be filled in automatically through linking with the Civil Status Department.

Applicants must input the number of the vehicle they drive, their destination, their starting location, their mobile phone number and an acknowledgement stating that they will only move for the purpose of paying salaries, otherwise they will face legal measures for violating defence orders.

A maximum limit will be placed on the number of people who are granted these permits within each governorate to avoid crowding in banks, and individuals will only be allowed to apply once every two weeks to obtain the permit.

The applicant will receive the permit electronically via text message, which includes details about the time period within which he/she is allowed to move, which is four hours for each permit.

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