John Legend Honor Late Star Prince With Special TV Tribute

John Legend Honor Late Star Prince With Special TV Tribute

John Legend, Dave Grohl, and Usher are just a few who will perform Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute To Prince, airing Tuesday night on CBS.

Prince, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, left the music world devastated when he died of an opioid overdose in 2016.

The program – which was recorded January 26th – will be hosted by Maya Rudolph and will also feature the talents of Common, H.E.R., Gary Clark Jr., Miguel, Chris Martin, Susanna Hoff, Morris Day and The Time and a brief appearance from Alicia Keys.

Hits like Darling Nikki, Purple Rain” and Raspberry Beret get showcased, along with deep cuts.

Grohl opened up about his love for the purple one in a clip from the show shared with People, calling the artist ‘the most talented of anybody.’

‘I’m an ’80s kid — I grew up with all of his records and as a popular musician, he was the most talented of anybody.

‘I was explaining this to my daughter today as I picked her up from school,’ the Foo Fighters frontman said.

‘I was like, “He was the best bass player. He was the best guitar player. He was the best drummer. He was the best singer. He was the best dancer.”

‘He was just the best and you never imagine that a popular musician could be that talented. Usually, you got one person that’s good at one thing; he was good at everything. He was the best. He was the best.’

Maya gave a rousing opening, evoking Prince’s energy as she told the audience: ‘Dearly beloved, it is my honor to welcome you to the Grammy Salute to Prince.’

She continued: ‘Tonight, the Recording Academy celebrates the astounding recording legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson. In his wildly productive time here, Prince created a body of work that will truly outlive us all.’

‘This show airing four years to the day when we lost Prince is an expression of love and profound respect,’ Rudolph went on.

‘I have difficulty putting into words my personal feelings for Prince, there are words that don’t exactly cut it for me [like] genius, brilliant, gifted, prolific [and] legendary. They’re all true, but they don’t really get right to that feeling that can only be described to his music.’

Prince’s longtime collaborator and former fiancee Sheila E talked about Usher’s performance while appearing at the Grammy’s back in January, telling the press: ‘I asked Usher what he wanted to sing.’

‘If someone’s gonna do a tribute, you wanna ask them what songs they would like to sing because it has to be personal,’ she explained. ‘You can’t just say, “Yeah, just sing this song” because it doesn’t mean anything to them. I wanted to go through what songs meant something to him lyrically. It’s important for him to dance, to sing and be featured and as an entertainer he does all of the above.’

Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute To Prince airs Tuesday night from 9 to 11pm on CBS.

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