Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda Officially End Their 6 Year-Long Romance

Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda Officially End Their 6 Year-Long Romance

The Internet personalities announced their breakup in an emotional video, titled “We Broke Up,” on Sunday.

Graceffa, 29, and Preda, 27, split three months ago after nearly six years of dating. The pair have been living together amid the coronavirus  pandemic, but Preda will move out of their home Monday.

“This has been really, really hard and a very uncomfortable decision,” Preda said.

“It definitely hasn’t been an easy decision for me,” Graceffa agreed. “It’s obviously easier to stay. We’re doing what’s best for us and we both know that this is what needs to be done, what we both need to do to be happy, because I don’t think either of us has been happy for a while.”

Preda said their split is “out of love.” Graceffa said they plan to stay friends and a part of each other’s lives.

“I think the past three months have really shown that we can still maintain a really strong relationship,” he said. “Imagine how hard it would be to live with your ex for three months, but we made it work and it wasn’t hard at all.”

“I wouldn’t even call us friends,” Preda added. “I really think of you as my family.”

Graceffa and Preda celebrated their five-year anniversary as a couple on July 17, 2019.

“Time flies when you’re in love! Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I met this beautiful man. Sometimes being picky has its perks. Even though we are complete opposites in so many ways… we still fit together perfectly,” Graceffa said on Instagram at the time.

Graceffa has over 9.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He competed in The Amazing Race Seasons 22 and 24 and hosted the YouTube Premium series Escape the Night.

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