Jimmy Fallon Describes Filming His Talk Show from Home as ‘Chaos’

Jimmy Fallon Describes Filming His Talk Show from Home as 'Chaos'

Jimmy Fallon says filming his talk show from home has been “chaos”.

The 45-year-old talk show host has been filming ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ from the comfort of his own home recently, as people have been ordered to self-isolate and stay at home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

And Jimmy says recording the episodes has been a nightmare so far, because with two young daughters – Winnie, six, and Franny, five – running around the house, he has nowhere “quiet” to go.

Jimmy – who has his daughters with his wife Nancy Juvonen – said: “It’s chaos, controlled chaos. I’ve realised that I don’t have a quiet room in my house. Maybe I’ll have to do one episode from inside my bathroom and keep the door locked!”

The ‘Ted’ star also revealed it was his wife’s idea to continue his talk show from their home, as she saw it as a good way to promote various charities that need support in the midst of the global crisis.

He added: “My wife said, ‘We’re all quarantined in the house together, this is the time, you have to put something out there. Let’s do a show from here. I’ll be the camera operator. Winnie will do the graphics, and Franny will do the music. So many charitable causes need money, so it’s a good way to get the word out.’ ”

Each night, ‘The Tonight Show: At Home Edition’ highlights a different charity, including the likes of Feed America, Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS, and Save the Children.

Jimmy told People magazine: “The last time I felt something like this was after 9/11, and I was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and I remember looking to my late-night comedians for guidance. I remember Dave Letterman saying courage is what we need right now but sometimes pretending to be courageous is almost just as good.

“It’s the time to put our problems aside and come together, then big things can be accomplished. Seeing what started as an email to my producers, how it grew into everyone wanting to help has been amazing. If you’re willing to do it, we are too.”

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