Jill Biden Sets Plan to Reunify Immigrant Families at Borders

US first lady Jill Biden and her team in the East Wing are set to work with a task force which is due to ease the reunification of the immigrant families that have been separated at the borders under the previous US administration.

“As the first lady remarked on a ‘Charla’ with young Latinos earlier this week, her chief of staff, Ambassador Julissa Reynoso, will monitor the federal reunification effort given her background as a lawyer,” Biden spokesman Michael LaRosa told CNN.

Jill Biden’s interest to play a role in the task force was welcomed by the US human rights advocates, expressing hope that she could end the crisis which led to the separation of over 3,000 migrant families between 2017 and 2018.

This came after US President Joe Biden’s acting attorney general, Monty Wilkinson, officially rescinded former US President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” program on Tuesday.

In 2016, Trump promised to curb immigration by building a wall on the US border with Mexico, and launched a crackdown on both legal and illegal entries into the country soon after he assumed office.

In May 2018, he also announced the “zero tolerance” policy regarding the undocumented migrants and refugees, vowing to separate the children from their families while their parents are processed.

Although he later he ended the controversial practice, the zero tolerance policy, which allows the US attorneys to prosecute anyone who crosses the border illegally, was never officially rescinded.

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