Jessica Alves Proudly Showcases Her ‘Massive’ New Boobs

She’s always spoken candidly about her surgery plans.

And Jessica Alves proudly flaunted the results of her latest procedure as she showcased her ‘massive’ new boobs in skimpy red lingerie on Friday.

The Brazilian TV star, 37, looked sensational just one day after going under the knife in Belgium, telling MailOnline that she thinks she’ll now be a ‘cup size H’.

Jessica exuded confidence as she posed up a storm in her hotel room, displaying her new very ample assets in a lacy crimson bodysuit with a deeply plunging front.

The blonde beauty wore her long extensions down, letting her tresses cascade over her shoulders as she put her new cleavage on full display.

Always one to look her best, Jessica donned a full face of makeup including a sultry smokey eyeshadow look for the sizzling snap.

Speaking with MailOnline, Jessica explained: ‘I went up to 1500cc they are massive but suits me so much better- I think that I will be a cup size H.’

While sharing her snap to Instagram, Jessica penned: ‘Day 1 after my breast implants surgery at @beclinic_brussels by doctor Frank Plovier and I am feeling great no pain at all !!’

Jessica has been keeping fans updated with her latest surgery, taking to social media on Thursday to praise her surgeon’s work.

She penned: ‘Today was a very good and special day to me when I had my breast implants changed at @beclinic_brussels by the amazing Dr Frank Plovier.

‘My previous implants were far apart and too low, I could only use a push up bra which is very uncomfortable. My previous implants were 725cc and the new ones are 1500cc and it suits me so much better.

‘Dr Plovier is the master in breast surgeries woman from around the world comes here for it and I could not be in better hands. I am feeling so happy today!’

And Jessica is also considering more surgeries, recently revealing she’s thinking about a gastric bypass after gaining weight following her recent sex reassignment surgery, leaving her ‘suffering with her confidence’.

Previously speaking to MailOnline, she admitted that she’s debating going under the knife to help with her weight as she revealed she’s ‘at 100 kilos’ and ‘can’t shift it’.

Jessica also told that following her sex change operation four months ago, she’s now able to have intercourse with her ‘new vagina’, but she’s just looking for the ‘right man’ to take her virginity.

Despite appearing self-assured, Jessica has been battling confidence issues after being diagnosed as obese following her post-surgery weight gain.

In a bid to combat her weight, Jessica said: ‘I am considering a gastric bypass since I am at 100 kilos and I can’t shift it.’

The TV personality, who said this is the best surgery she’s ‘ever had’ also spoke about plans for her new vagina and is on the hunt for the ‘right man’ to get intimate with.

She explained at the end of April: ‘This week completes three months that I have had my sex change surgery in Thailand and I am feeling amazing, this was by far the best surgery that I have ever had.

‘From now I will be able to use my new vagina and to have intercourse but I haven’t met the right guy yet to break my virginity.’

Jessica previously told MailOnline how she has gained 66 lbs (4.7st) and is struggling to find well-fitting clothes since her sex reassignment operation, explaining that the hormones she has to take have caused an increase in appetite.

She said: ‘While always suffering from gender dysmorphic disorder but easily confused with plastic surgery addiction and the fact that I have been diagnosed obese with 100 kilos where prior transaction I was 70kg.

‘I am really struggling to find clothing that fits me and it is playing a lot with my confidence.’

She added: ‘It is amazing to be the woman that I was meant to be at birth and now having my body running on estrogen female hormones, I feel and I look 100% woman, I kind of forgot about my past as a man.

‘I feel constantly hungry and craving for chocolate and good food. I am finding it hard to control it due to the high dose of female hormones injections that I take weekly.

‘I am starting to feel self conscious as a woman and to compare my self to others. I am really big and curvy, but apparently it is what a lot of men like. The struggle for me is just to find outfits that fits me properly.’

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